Smoked sausage

And no matter how hard I try to get the cooking habits out of my Eastern European roots — Polish sausages are still among the most preferred. Even if i have them only few times per year.
Well, I found a sausage that caught my attention during my last trip to Odessa (Ukraine), in the best known market of the city. So I decided to try to reproduce it:

80% pork
20% veal
2% salt
0.025% CUR 1
0.5% a mix of peppers
0.5% garlic
Spicy paprika — a little, for the aroma
So, I chopped the meat on a large grid 0.5 — 1.0 cm. Then, I mixed all the ingredients by hand and stuffed them in natural casing. I left the sausage hanging for 2 days in the cold. Basically, it was smoked in cold with pecan. After that, i put it for 6 hours in sous-vide at 65C.
And, as I expected, it came out very tasty.

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