The pastrami (cooked and smoked veal)

This originally Jewish product is made from veal breast and is especially popular in the US and Canada. And as its usual for the inhabitants of those — it would be just stuck to moldy bread and savored noisily. I am not that into bread in general, but by Soviet custom, I prefer sausages without additional carbohydrates, unless it is offered with vegetables and drinks of natural origin of red tones.

I didn’t look for the calf’s breast as I preferred a large stroke of the back of the cow and cut it into 4 cm layers. Then I bagged the meat with the spices.
2% salt
0.25% CUR1
1% sugar
Mix of peppers, chili, Espelette pepper, garlic and the sweet smoked spicy paprika.
I put the spices approximately. It is not so important to be exact to just cover it.

Well, the meat remained in the fridge for a week, apart from the daily massage. After that it was washed, dried and left to be smoked on pecans.
Then, I left it for a day. Then it was sealed in airtight bag and put in sous-vide at 55C for 14 hours.

Every time I try it I feel like Moses who lives 5 blocks north of Times Square …

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