Hamburger Press + Recipe

I’ve always wondered why the Americans are so madly in love with hamburgers. Well, in general, hamburger is a plain meatball. But I’ve made a research and discovered it’s not that simple.

Hamburger is a different meal, and the only thing which is in common with Russian meatballs is chopped meat. The ingredients and cooking methods are not the same.

The principal meat in hamburger is beef. Actually hamburger can be cooked without any other types of meat. But the beef should be of high quality, special cuts, fat and juicy. At meat fairs and cooking masterclasses I used to watch chefs chopping brilliant, aged and very expensive steaks to cook hamburgers.

And the eternal question rising — how to form hamburgers without any clue element, like eggs or starch. When frying the meal is doomed to fall apart.

But no way. The chopped meat should be kneaded with hands for some time and afterwards it is pressed in a special burger press device. As a result the form is perfectly kept and the product is not broken. Well, obviously I couldn’t help purchasing this device.

Burger press (link)

My hamburgers are cooked out of beef with 20% of pork, but here I’ll introduce my favorite recipe, although you’re free to experiment and there may come out many other interesting recipes of hamburgers.

Beef 60%
Bacon 40%
All the ingredients are minced at a big disc (0,5 — 1,0 см).
We add salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, parsley and some sauce to for aromas.
The ingredients should be kneaded a little with hands and placed in fridge to saturate for a couple of hours.

I shot a short video how the burger press worked.

The hamburgers come up plain, nice-looking and I seal them in airtight bags for long time freezing. It’s better to grill the product at high temperature up to 55C inside the meal. Then hamburgers are juicy although a little blackish, you need to turn them from one side to another all the time so that they don’t burn.

You can use previously preheat dry frying pan with a non-stick coating.
Anyway the right thing is to get your perfect hamburgers to the BBQ party with friends and sipping your favorite drink to show off as if you’re an old good Texas redneck.

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