The butifarra

In every national cuisine there’s a similar sausage. In fact, it consists of minced meat with any other ingredients, stuffed into intestines, mostly of pork. In Spain, you are sure to find it in any bar, restaurant or store.
And normally there can be any varieties of meat and spices. This sausage is perfect for long storage in freezer and for quick preparation, both for ordinary dinner, and for BBQ. Moreover, best option for the kids.

Well, here is my version:
70% greasy pork
30% beef
0.25% CUR1
Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and parsley.

Then we bake it at 140C for approx. 25min. To have a nice crust, I recommend brushing it with vegetable oil, and at the end of cooking, raise the temperature to the maximum. Fry until the product’s inside temperature is 68C.

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