Beef ribs. Low-temperature cooking

I chose especially big size, fleshy ribs with lots of layers of fat. First thing I asked a butcher was to cut the ribs by approximately 6−7 cm long.

Dry marinade per 1 kg of the product.

Salt — 1,5%
Peppers mix — 0,3%
Granulated garlic — 0,5%
Aromatic pepper (Chili, jalapeño, Sichuan) choose one or all together — ½ teaspoon
Mustard seeds — 1 teaspoon
Thyme — 1 teaspoon.

The ribs should be placed in a strong plastic bag. Then you add the mixture of ingredients mentioned and massage the ribs very well. When excess air from the bag is removed the bag is placed in a fridge for 4−5 days. It’s highly advisable to repeat massaging everyday and turn the bag from one side to another.

The ribs are cooked on a baking sheet in the oven at 110C during 8−9 hours.

The ribs come out extremely delicate, aromatic and obviously capable of winning any competition against restaurant ribs or Texas BBQ style ribs.


  1. Михаил says

    Просто на противне открытыми? Без фольги, пакетов для запекания и прочего?

    1. Stanislav says

      Да, я накрывал одним слоем фольги, но плотно не укутывал.

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