Diet meatballs in sous-vide

I don’t like cooking meat in boiling water. I guess all the juices and the proper meat taste pass into the boiling water. And if your final goal is not to cook a stew or soup then you’re sure to get a dull, overcooked piece of uncertain product, which must be served with lots of sauce and complex garnish meal.

On top of this, for a long time I’ve been going around the option to cook the meatballs in sous-vide.
At present, I’m kind of struggling against the overweight, that’s why the calories contained in the ingredients were counted prior to other important issues.

Minced meat

Beef — 0.5 kg Chicken -250 gr.
Turkey — 250 gr.
Salt — 2%
Peppers mix — 0.4%
Chili (or any other aromatic pepper) — 0,1%
Granulated garlic — 0.6%
Oregano — 0,2%
Dried parsley — 0,3%
Egg — 1 unit.

The minced meat was kneaded and placed in a plastic bag, then sent to the fridge for a night to saturate. In the morning the meat was kneaded once again.

After that the minced meat was formed in balls and placed in an air-tight bag. I’d recommend to leave some space between the balls inside the bag so that the product preserves its form, otherwise when the air is pumped out we’ll get just one entire meat pancake.

I cooked the meatballs in sous-vide at 65C during 2 hours.

Before serving you can fry the meatballs in sunflower oil both sides couple of minutes, just to get a nice flavor crust.
Or else, you can stew them in tomato sauce.
The cooked meatballs sealed in an air-tight bag are perfectly kept refrigerated for two weeks, and freezed they’re preserved forever!
Bon appetit!

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