Peking duck

It’s not difficult at all to cook a Peking duck at home but it will take a couple of days minimum. However, since the meal is festive I guess the gourmet chefs are ready to spend extra time to get an exquisite dish as a result.

Step 1.
A clean duck is rubbed with salt (a bit), peppers mix, dried ginger and dried garlic, and after that it should be soaked into the marinade which is made of soy sauce plus water ratio 1×1. Like this we leave the duck to marinate for the next 12−20 hours in a fridge.

Step 2.
Take the duck out of the marinade and scald it with boiling water. Then wipe it with a kitchen paper towel and dry a bit.
Rub the duck with sherry (brandy) and hang it (or put in a cool place) to balance the taste for a night.

Step 3.
Mix syrup (honey) and red wine. Rub the duck with this mixture and let it soak for the next 8−10 hours in a fridge.

I’d recommend roasting a duck in a humid area. This way it will not over-dry and definitely will not burn.
Full roasting time: 2 hours 15 minutes.

Roasting modes:
Temperature 100C. Humidity 90% - 1 hour
Temperature 130C. Humidity 90% - 1 hour
Temperature 190C. Humidity 0% - 15 min. to create a beautiful crust.

To preserve the authentic recipe before serving the duck can be sprinkled with hot (180C) vegetable oil.
Bon appetit!

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