Probably every chef’s great aspiration is to cook a perfect juicy, flavored and not over-dried inside cutlet/hamburger. It’s hard to get this result using only beef meat. Obviously, you need fat. But if you don’t feel like adding pork fat or any other fat, there is another option — to cook a terrine.

Energy value is 270 kcal per 100 gr.

We need:
Minced beef — 2 kg Onion — 600 gr Fresh garlic — 10 big cloves
Fresh champignons — 400 gr Liquid cream 18% - 100 gr Salt — 35 gr Peppers mix — 10 gr Seasoning for flavor (Georgian dry spice mix «khmeli suneli», Virginia, Montreal, according to your taste) — 3 gr Fresh parsley — 20 gr.

We need to cut and fry the champions a bit. As soon as the water released from the mushrooms is evaporated we add the onion and cook it all together until it’s medium-done. So when the onion becomes soft and starts changing its color. Let it cool down and then mix all the ingredients. No need to mix it all long, the minced beef should stay cold. I’d recommend crushing garlic with a garlic press.
Cover the mix with a transparent film or a lid and let it stay in a fridge for some hours or for the entire night so that the flavors are equilibrated.
Before baking I’d recommend to take the mix out of the fridge to let it warm a bit at room temperature.

Bake at the mode «convection» at 170C covered with lid or foil until the product’s inside temperature is 67C, not more. At the final stage of cooking the lid or foil can be removed to give a nice brown tone to the terrine.

Straight after the baking process is over we put the container with the terrine into the cold water or ice so that the cooking process inside the product stops. We let it cool down and then it’s ready to serve, cold or hot.
And by the way the next day the terrine is even more tasty.

Bon appetit!


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