Texas style beef brisket

Well, everyone!

Now I’m a true Texas BBQ Pit Master!

Just kidding, I’m up to him, like the moon (but, it’s worth noting — not like before Andromeda).

Classic beef brisket.

The meat was marinated in the Montreal mixture, in a vacuum — 2 days. Warmed up.

Smoking at 110C until reaching +65C inside the piece. I have been smoking for 4 hours. The tree is a pecan.

After that, he immediately wrapped it in paper and foil and put it in the oven, also at 110 C until the temperature reached 95 C (no more). It turned out 6 hours.

Here the duration of cooking is very important, it is better to lower the temperature of the oven (97−105C) so that the meat cooks longer (6−8 hours).

It turned out perfect, like at the competition of Texas pit masters!

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