Smoked beef tongue

Probably, everybody knows how to cook a beef tongue. There’s nothing special to master. It should be cooked in boiling water, then salted and served with spicy horseradish sauce or mustard. But this time I’d recommend cooking the tongue according to a little bit more complicated recipe. I can assure you following this recipe you will discover that a beef tongue proper taste becomes more intense and rich.

First let’s prepare vegetables.
The onion, garlic and carrot are cut in half and placed over a baking sheet to roast in the oven at a maximum high temperature for 7−8 minutes, so that the vegetables get the color, being almost burnt.
Place the tongue, roasted vegetables and bouquet Garni (bay leaf, parsley root) in a cooking container. Add some salt, pepper and cook until the tongue is tender.

Cooking on the stove — about 3 hours.
In a pressure cooker — 1 hour 30 minutes.

When the beef tongue is ready immediately immerse it in icy cold water and peel off the upper layer skin.
Let it cool, dry it and it can be sent to the smoking chamber.
To smoke at 60C 1−2 hours. I’d recommend smoking it with pecan, apple or cherry sawdust.
When the smoking process is over the duck should be put in an airtight bag and spend a night in a fridge so that the product’s taste is enriched with the smoke scent.

Bon appetit!

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