Roasted Jamon

Lately I’ve taken a fancy for making sausages and naturally my fridge now is always full of different pieces of pork. Being the laziest man on Earth, I decided simply to bake a big piece in the oven. On top of this I chose my favorite part — Jamon. Everybody knows in Spanish «Jamon» is not only famous ham but also pork’s leg.
I guess, this piece of pork possesses the brightest taste. It consists of various muscles different in color, structure and fat. Opposite to a dull, dry but nice-looking pork loin, the pork’s leg is characterized by richer and more diverse flavor.
Before cooking the bone should be taken out. I took around 3 kilos of the upper leg’s part.
The piece was well-covered by my special mixture and later it was put into the fridge for 2 days. And by the way, I had to tie the piece up with a twine which made it look like a roll.
The day I was going to cook this piece I took it out from the fridge to warm up to room temperature and sent it to the oven set at 170C, as usual with a previously installed thermometer. At first I cooked it till the inside meat temperature reached 75C. Then, when the alarm signalized I put on «convection» mode at 200C so that the crispy crust I needed so much for photos appeared.
The meat turned to be very delicious, juicy and tender. It is perfectly combined with mustard.

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