Light-salted salmon

I’m not confused to repeat here the perfect recipe of the Chef Sylvester Wajid.
I cooked this dish five times or more and this meal has already become the main in daily menu.
It is simple as that:
Salmon fillet with skin (600−800 gr)
Tuber of fennel
Couple of lemons
Couple of rosemary sprigs
Ground pepper — 1 teaspoon
Coarse salt — 200 gr Sugar (I prefer brown one) — 100 gr Lemons, fennel and rosemary are grinded in blender. Later the rest ingredients are added and mixed well. The salmon should be coated with the resulting paste and it goes to fridge for the whole night. In the morning the fish is rinsed with water and wrapped in a thin towel or gauze. Then it is ready to be served and you can eat it non-stop.

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