«Chushushuli" — Georgian yum-yum

Having visited Georgia I couldn’t help but trying to recreate such a magnificent dish at home.
Beef — 1,5 kg I chose pieces with fat and fibers, namely the above ribs part and piece of leg, the knee area. And by no means should you take the membrane off the meat. The meat is going to be stewed and these fat parts make the stew sauce much better.
Onion — 1 kg Chop the meat in cubes the size you prefer. The onion should be also finely cut, salted and beaten manually so that juice comes out. Later the onion is mixed with meat. Meanwhile we cut the rest ingredients the meat is marinated.
Bell peppers (red and green) — one of each. We cut it by small cubes.
Tomatoes — 1−1,5 kg. Peel/grate/leave. I use tomatoes in can, not the tomato paste but fresh blended tomatoes) — 2 cans.
Coriander, hmeli-suneli (Georgian spicy mixture), black pepper, hot Chili pepper — approx. half teaspoon of each spice.
Cilantro, dill, parsley, garlic (normally I add a lot) — all fresh.
Further process is not complicated at all. The meat and onion are thrown to a casserole with thick walls. The products are not fried but vaporized (about 5 minutes) over high heat so that the juice comes out. Later the spices are sprinkled, it is all well mixed and in about 5 minutes we add peppers, and in another 7 minutes it’s time to add tomatoes. We salt it a bit and when it boils we leave it to stew. The easiest way is to oven under 90−95C for 2 hours.
15 minutes before the process is finished we add herbs and squashed garlic. Then we leave it to infuse and later to stay in room temperature for about 20 minutes.
As for me, I was cooking this meal in a multicooker.
As a result, I guess, the dish turned to be more delicious than it was in authentic Tbilisi restaurant in Georgia.
A useful trick: a spoon is used to eat this dish and the stew sauce tastes better when you dip fresh bread into it.

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