Hot smoked beef

I spent almost two months experimenting with beef.

I took a piece of tenderloin 12 kilos weight, and tested what I ever could test on it. I was smoking it in every possible way. I was drying it out, curing it, cooking in vacuum etc.

Today I’m going to present the easiest way of cooking: hot smoked beef.

To make it clear, all 12 kilos of meat were salted same way.

Salt 2%

Cur#1 (nitrit)

Black/red pepper

This piece was smoked under 80−90 C during 6 hours approximately till the inside meat temperature reached 55 C.

Then the piece was chilled, dried, sealed in airtight plastic bag and put into the fridge for two weeks. Nothing especially complicated or innovative.

When tasting the meat was evaluated as very juicy and bright which perfectly combined all shades of taste.

The mark is 10/10. And this meal will be included in a regular, basic menu for life.

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