Roast beef in 24 hours

Today on air is a big piece of beef.
I took a nice piece of sirloin, boneless, approximately 1,5 kilos. Thickness — 8 cm.
The main task was to test the long time cooking of a big piece of beef. The meat was seasoned only with salt and pepper + 30 gr of drawn butter. Then I sealed the piece in airtight plastic bag in vacuum and sent it for the next 24 hours to the water under 58 C.
After that, without taking the meat out of bag I quickly chilled it in very cold water and left it in fridge for a couple of hours so that the meat could «rest» and be soaked in its own natural juice.
Before tasting the piece was grilled in oven under maximum temperature to get a nice crust. It took about 1,5 minute to fry it on each side.

What is the sense of such a long time cooking? The collagen inside the meat slowly dissolves, without tightening and forcing out the juice, at the same time, saturating the meat by its flavor. It also softens fibrous tissues, destroying its initial tubular texture and changing it to a softer and nicer one. It is perfectly seen on the photo.
The meat was literally melting in a mouth so moist and full-flavored it was.
Actually this piece of meat can be called a roast beef. The life hack is: it’s very convenient to cook at once a big piece of nice beef in advance and keep it in vacuum in fridge during two weeks maximum. This way you’ll be always well-prepared for any friends' party at home when you need a nice hot meal and you are short of time. What is left is only to grill the meat and that’s it.

I liked it more when the meat is served cold.

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