Assorted fish

A very nice-looking, completely healthy dish. Served in portions it can perfectly fit any table, even those full of luxurious dishes. Not a single gourmand can stay indifferent to such a bright combination of various fish flavors.
So we need fillet of salmon, cod and tuna.
We slice it by 1−2 cm and place in cooking mold like sandwich in layers choosing your own perfect color combination. Each layer should be sprinkled with salt and pepper, dry dill and parsley and a few drops of fresh lemon juice. We place a light pressure on it and put into fridge for 5−8 hours. We pour the liquid off and steam the assorted fish (I would recommend sous-vide) or cook in oven under pressure at the temperature not higher than 75C till the inside product temperature is 55C maximum.
Again the liquid should be poured off. The ready assorted fish should be cooled well.

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