Smoked tongue

In all the kitchens round the world tongue has been always a delicacy. This is a unique muscle which does not contain any connective tissues and that is why it perfectly responds to the use of spices, smoking and any other cooking processes.
Beef tongue is rinsed well with water, rubbed with salt and CUR 1 and sent to fridge for 24 hours.
Marinade is cooked this way: per 1 L of water — 100 gr of salt, 30 gr of sugar, black pepper balls, 1 onion with skins, a garlic bulb, badian anise, allspice, bayberry, parsley, bay leaf. We need to bring it to boil and then place the tongue into it. Cook for 1−1,5 hours and straight away place the ready tongue into cold water. The skin should be easily pulled off, like a «stocking».
Before smoking the tongue should be necessarily dried.
It can be smoked with any fruit tree sawdust.
Hot smoking over temperature limits from 40C to 70C during 4 hours. Later the tongue should be cooled down.
Cold smoking 24 hours.
It is recommended to keep the tongue in vacuum seal bag in fridge.

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