Smoked beef

First of all smoked beef is a perfect winter product. It can be kept in fridge in plastic seal bag for 3−4 months and when it is well-frozen it can be kept in freezer for lifetime. At home it is possible to smoke at once up to 15 kg of meat by pieces of 1−2 kg each. I would highly recommend using best meat cuts: sirloin and tenderloin, pieces with much fat and low content of conjunctive tissues.
Smoked beef fits any snacks, sandwiches, tapas; can also be a main salad ingredient and a main dish, by the way.
Tenderloin — 3 kg Salt — 2,5%
CUR 1 — 0,25%
Black pepper, coriander — 0,5%
Smoked red pepper, Chili pepper — 0,5%
The meat should be rubbed with a mixture of spices, placed in a plastic seal bag and put into fridge for 5 days. Mind, you need to turn the meat upside down every day.
Later you rinse the meat with water and thoroughly dry it in the open air.
The smoking is performed on any fruit-tree sawdust.
Hot smoking over temperature limits from 40C to 90C till the temperature inside the product is 58−62C. Later the meat should be cooled down.
Cold smoking 3−5 days.
After smoking it is better to cure the meat till 15−25% of its weight is lost.
Keep in plastic seal bag.


  1. Kevin says

    Quick question. Is the weight loss based on the post smoke weight or pre-smoke weight. I imagine the smoking is going to take a bit of the water off with it.

    1. Stanislav says

      Yes, based on weight before smoking. But you are right, smoking also contributes to the loss of water, which reduces the time the product is ready.

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