Test of electric grill Tefal Optigrill

Recently I had a chance to test a much-advertized electric grill Tefal Optigrill.
The plan was to cook a small pick of steaks and no doubt I was extremely curious how this «smart» device worked.
Manufacturer assures that the grill determines itself appropriate degree of cooking, alarming hungry eaters a perfect steak with blood is ready.
The grill’s size is kind of disappointing. There’s a place only for one nice «masculine» steak by 600−800 grams.

We preheated the grill up to the right temperature and placed a nice American piece of meat. In 5−7 minutes the grill announced steak was ready, at «Medium» mode and it was true. The meat looked nice, both inside and outside. Cool! But we still had a dozen more pieces of meat to cook. And that was a sad point. Electric grill Tefal Optigrill stopped being smart. It was not broken; however when it heated up and got dirty its perfect «brain» could not determine anymore neither meat’s thickness nor type of the product. It turned into a plain saucepan though a nice-looking one. A further cooking using this device was approximate practice and naturally was based on our personal experience and knowledge. Sure, I’ve cooked tons of steaks in my entire life and there’s no need to refer to extreme techniques to figure out the degree of meat cooking. That’s why still we’ve cooked that pick of steaks and it was eaten out with great pleasure by the guests. Nevertheless, the process took four times longer than, for example, cooking on my Chinese no-name grill with a larger surface, absolutely non-smart grill, by the way, purchased for only 80 Euro, and which has been functioning faithfully for 5 years (3 times a week minimum). (link)

If you are a sad, lonely man, who doesn’t know how to cook and who is not really dish washing man, however, who disposes 160 Extra Euro, then this device is for you. Only for you. Only for one piece of a product.
If you, by any crazy chance, happen to have a family and friends, which demand cooking lots of tasty food, then search for another model, bigger and not too «smart» (and respectively cheaper).

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