Mold for making ham

Gradually evolving in ham cooking path, I started with small domestic ham-makers per 1 kilo of product and slowly got to professional mold per 3 kilos of product.
The technology of ham making is based on the separation of the excess liquid, both during the process of salting/aromatization with spices and later when cooking. That is why I didn’t consider domestic ham-makers like «Beloboka» and «REDMOND» at all. By using them, you are obliged to cook in a bag, which is always torn since there are many sharp iron parts in these metal ham-makers. So they are more suitable for cooking souse loafs and saltisons when separation of liquid is not obligatory.
In my previous reviews it is well-seen I used Tescoma Presto (link) device and also my self-made ham-maker (link). However, the volume of 1−2 kilos is not enough for me anymore.
I purchased 2 standard industrial ham-makers per 3 kilos of product. The price in Spain is 100 Euro each.
The mold are made of thick food stainless steel. There are powerful springs and in general the new devices are quite airtight to avoid using bags.
The salting and aromatization processes are done directly under small pressure. Then I increase the pressure and start cooking immediately. Also these mold are very convenient when you cook ham using sous-vide device. A small rework done — I only drilled a tiny hole for the thermometer needle.


  1. Andrey says

    Здравствуйте, судя по фото с формами в дне емкости тоже есть отверстие для слива жидкости? И скажите сколько давление создавать на продукт? хоть примерно?

    1. Stanislav says

      Это отверстие для воздуха, жидкость выдавливается вверх. А давление — сколько сможете руками, не применяя гидравлику.

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