The most advanced thermometer for the kitchen

You are free to argue and throw rotten tomatoes at me but I’m pretty sure people not using a kitchen thermometer should be legally banned from cooking.
Or else they should be obliged to eat chips and take away pizza only, since a man trying to cook a nice delicious food and not controlling temperature mode inside the cooking device and inside the product being cooked, this man undoubtedly cannot cook anything really nice.

It may sound surprising but the thermometer can be used also for soup and risotto cooking.

Today I’m gonna present, in my opinion, the most advanced domestic kitchen thermometer.

The device is produced under an ordinary Chinese brand name — «NO NAME» but it’s not a negative sign, on the contrary, very often it means low price and quite a good quality.


History throwback.
Couple of years ago I saw a project of such a thermometer in kickstarter.
Two young Californian start-uppers were raising funds for the production of the device and their presentation was pretty good. Unfortunately, as it frequently happens they picked up ten times more money they really needed but the device has not been produced. Nothing came out. And for the Chinese it always comes out well.

What’s the crucial difference from hundreds of other models?

The thermometers working by bluetooth tech have been long time represented on the market. However, nobody could get rid of any wires and external receivers, and place all the digital stuff into the dipstick of the thermometer. It should be mentioned, the dipstick measures temperature not only inside the product but also in the oven (grill, BBQ). And according to the description, the temperature may rise up to 300 C and the dipstick digital stuff must resist such high temperature regularly sending updated data on the user’s mobile.

The thermometer is very easy to use.

The device includes a kind of futuristic support and a dipstick itself. The support also performs the role of a charging station for the dipstick. It works with a single battery AAA. There is a powerful magnet to place in the kitchen and only a single button to show the battery charge in dipstick and when it’s time to change the support battery.
All the configuration is done by the downloaded application available in official Android and iOS stores.

It’s also very simple. You set the desired temperature. You may use the preset menu (for beef, pork, fish etc.). There’s a complete manual mode as well.

The dipstick is placed into the product. Then when the application is open the connection is being established and the product can be sent to the oven. The application shows the temperature inside the product, inside the oven and calculates the remaining cooking time. When the desired temperature is reached it gives a signal.

You can also charge the device by USB.

The application is able to maintain the connection with four dipsticks simultaneously.

Buy an extra probe

I’ve been testing the thermometer for several months. I was cooking meat, fish, vegetables; boiling cereals; and setting complicated multi-steps recipes; presetting máximum inside oven temperature at 300 C, really hoping that time the head of the dipstick finally melted. But so far, I could not destroy it. The device still works perfectly. And I haven’t changed the battery yet.

I tested the temperature accuracy with some wire thermometers I’ve been using for years. The discrepancy is minimum, not more than one grade, which is acceptable.

The imperfections.

The dipstick itself is a bit thick which is natural, it was supposed to be stuffed with lots of digital things. This tiny negative aspect does not let you be hundred percent sure in the temperature accuracy inside thin pieces, less than 2 cm. However, I never deal with such pieces. There’s nothing to eat.

The distance range announced by the manufacturer — 100 feet (30 m) is definitely exaggerated. And if the dipstick is inside the closed oven or grill, where the metal top reflects a signal then the connection radius is not more than 5−10 m. Which is by the way enough for the chef to feel safe when he is busy talking to friends and forgets to take the steaks and burgers out of the oven in time. For sure the meal will not burn!

Bon appetit!

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