Roasted and smoked beef

I took a 3 kilo piece of nice beef.
First of all the meat was well-massaged and rubbed by a mixture of salt and ground pepper, and then it was sent to fridge for the next 3 days.
After that, the piece was rinsed with water and marinated.
The marinade was prepared of the following ingredients:
A glass of olive oil
A glass of red wine (good quality)
Juice of one big lemon
Mixture of Provence herbs
Cloves of garlic (coarsely chopped)
Dried Chili pepper
The mixture of these ingredients had been poured into a glass bowl, where later I soaked the meat itself.
It happened that the meat had been cooled in the fridge for four days instead of two, though I tried to turn it from one side to the other regularly giving it a bit of massage.
Before the main process of cooking started, I had fried the piece of meat on both sides on a preheated frying pan (it is called «to seal meat»). I did it because I was going to roast it not on a direct heat but on a «reflected» one, as it is indicated in the BBQ instruction.
The charcoal was ready in 10 minutes, thanks to the starter of the BBQ and it happened without any dirt, noise or dust (I'd highly recommend this device).
Later, the charcoal was put by sides and under the meat an aluminum bowl with water was placed to gather fat and moisturize the meat if it’s necessary.
I tried to keep the temperature within the limits from 110C to 130C. The whole process of roasting took 4 hours. After that, half kilo of sawdust was placed over the charcoal for the next smoking process, and as soon as the sawdust started smoldering, I immediately reduced the power and temperature. The meat had been smoking and absorbing nice flavors for about 2 hours.
The result was fantastic: juicy, flavored and low-fat meat.

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