Norwegian salmon soup with cream

First time I tried this fantastic meal was last year, somewhere in North West of Norway. It was not a restaurant but an ordinary little camping. When the first saucepan of soup was eaten out I realized it was a marvelous dish which I was obliged to cook at home. By all means a must have meal.
I had to train in cooking couple of times to get the authentic taste and the right consistence.
Salmon (fillet) — 500−600 gr Onion — 2 units
Potatoes — 500−600 gr Carrot — 1−2 units
Ground tomatoes in can (or fresh blended tomatoes) — 400 gr Salt, pepper, bay leaf, dill
Cream 18% - 1−1,5 l In the main saucepan (5−6 L) we pour some olive oil to fry finely chopped onion, carrot, leek and celery. Later we add tomatoes and fry this mixture about 5−7 minutes.
Now it’s time to add 2 l of broth (normally I use a readymade one, but you can always cook it yourself previously). Leave it to boil and straightway add finely chopped potatoes.
As soon as the potatoes are almost ready (10−12 min), you can add also finely chopped salmon.
As you have noticed, I chopped all the ingredients by small cubes of 1,5 cm. This way the soup will look beautiful and symmetrical served in plates.
Let it boil 3−4 minutes and then immediately the cream should be added. Do not forget to stir soup constantly. When the soup starts boiling again, count 2−3 minutes and it is ready. The rich soup with brilliant combination of flavors is ready to serve.
Dill is added in each one’s plate before serving.
P. S. It’s not compulsory to add tomatoes but it’s always better to try both options, with and without them.

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