Salmon with mustard and honey

First of all, I should confess, I was born in Arctic zone and that’s why I’m kind of crazy in love with salmon fishes. Even those old times, the era of communism in Russia, when empty supermarkets were an ordinary phenomenon, even then each family in our town cooked salmon for holidays and festive days. Of course, I should mention that it was possible to catch this fish in any town river and though it was prohibited by the law to go fishing there but following old Russian tradition to steal what can be easily stolen, people were stealing (catching fish in those rivers). The power of traditions and no comments…

But let us go back to fish, Big, Red and Oily Fish!

We mix soya sauce, honey and Dijon mustard in a small bowl. All the ingredients should be well-mixed until obtaining a homogeneous mass (thick honey is dissolved) and after that the mass is spread over salmon filets with a cooking brush. The fish is left to marinate for 2−3 hours and then baked at 140C with a thermometer inside the fish.

Attention! The temperature of cooked salmon is 54C inside the fish. Not more!

When served you can sprinkle the fish with lemon and sesame seeds.

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