Smoked sausage «Krakovskaya»

Telling the truth, sometimes I like to have a sandwich with smoked sausage «Krakovskaya» for breakfast. That reminds me of childhood spent in Northern region of Russia, when we were always young and hungry.
So, from time to time I have nothing to do but going to Russian food shop 30 kilometers away from home to buy this sausage for 12 Euros per kilo.
Once I decided to cook the sausage myself quickly and without following strict rules of national standards of cooking this very product.

I picked up the rest of the pork from the fridge — 1200 gr Pork fat — 300gr
Salt — 2%
Sugar — 0.5%
Pepper — 5 gr Garlic powder — 5 gr The meat was passed through a mincing machine with 3 mm disks and later the paste was tamped down in pork intestine. I was even lazy to tie the sausage but just threw it into the fridge for 3 days to mature, turning it upside down regularly. Later you can freeze, fry or bake it.

The smoking process took 4 hours under the temperature 92 C. I used cherry sawdust. When the inside sausage temperature reached 74 C I threw the sausages into cold water for 10 minutes.
On purpose to experiment I made 4 sausages with red pepper and parsley. It turned out these two ingredients were odd.

So now I got my proper smoked sausage «Krakovskaya» but without any chemical additives and it costs 2,5 times less than the one in the shop. And also, it tastes much better.

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