Sausage in just an hour. Eight-hour version. Super specialty

In the previous part we cooked a «boiling» version.
The author of this recipe decided that some sausages should pass through further processing.

So, today we have boiled — smoked sausage and hot smoked sausage made of three kinds of meat.

Some of the sausages were previously cooked in sous-vide during 2 hours at 65C and then cooled down.
The rest were hung in the fridge for a night to become denser and more saturated. In the morning they were warmed up in natural room temperature and then placed in a smoking camera.
The smoking was done with pecan during 3 hours at the temperature 20C and 3 hours at 40−85C until the inside product temperature becomes 65C.

Pecan gives nice dark coloring and a very pleasant nutty taste.

I didn’t manage to make a choice which sausage is better. All three, the boiled, the boiled -smoked and hot-smoked ones are characterized by its own specific and excellent taste.

The sausage is really magnificent with a rich bouquet of tastes, capable of driving Italian charcuterie men crazy. Imagine, today these «charcuterists» read the recipe, copy it and … one day in a small Italian village the tourists will degustate this food, praising old traditions of rural Italian charcuterie art. Well, let it be, in fact you never know what way the glory comes to you.

Bon appetit!

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