«Smoke Chief» Cold Smoke Generator

Searching for new cooking devices and technologies I always try to get into the American internet. Yes, they proved to be the best in this area too.
Recently I’ve found a small, convenient and simple cold smoke generator «Smoke Chief»

Visiting Brooklyn I ordered one and here comes a short review of this device.

The generator is very simple in use and small one. It weighs 1,5 kilo and a converter 110−240V — 12V.
It works with any kind of sawdust and pellets, which is very important for me since I utilize both. It is arranged in a simple way: the wood is poured in a tank, down the tank there’s a small heating element and a heating ventilator. On one side there’s an exit tube for smoke. It’s connected by 12 Volt (the converter is included, or a car cigarette lighter can be also used) and in a couple of minutes the generator starts producing lots of smoke. If you charge the tank with 300 gr of pellets it will work about 2,5 — 3 hours of smoke producing. Fair enough.

Here is a manufacturer’s video.

The advantages I would point out:

— Small weight
— Mobility
— Compatibility with any camera, BBQ or a box for smoking.
— «Omnivorous» in terms of sawdust
— Possibility to work with the device adjusting it to your personal needs.

The disadvantages:

— The smoke coming out from the generator is extremely hot, however, the problem can be easily solved by lengthening the tube (see my version on the photo).

— A little difficult to clean.

I’ve tested already the device with three cold smoking processes, 3 days each and two hot smoking processes 8 hours each. And there’s nothing to complain of except for the fact after each cycle the generator had to be thoroughly cleaned of ash and resins in the exit tube.
Considering all the above I’d recommend this device.

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  1. vic says

    300 грамм пелетов на 3 часа??? Не многовато ли?
    Я конечно не прав априори, но мне той же массы опилок хватает часов на 5−6 как минимум.
    Правда у меня запросы попроще и техника пожиже. 8)
    Спасибо за ваш сайт


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