Smoked roast beef

To cook a roast beef traditionally we use the so-called round part of the cow. The meat piece should not contain veins.
The meat is salted and marinated.


Salt — 2%
Peppers mix — 0,5%
Granulated garlic — 0,5%
For extra aromas add some rosemary and thyme.

The salting is done in a plastic bag for 3−5 days in the fridge. After that the meat is coated with olive oil and soy sauce. The marinating takes 1−2 days.

Before smoking the meat should be thoroughly wiped and dried a bit.

The smoking is done with apple sawdust at 90−100C till the inside meat temperature runs to 56C.
After that the meat is cooled down a bit.
It is served with cranberry sauce or any other favorite jam. My choice is mint and apple jams.

Bon appetit!

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