Pressed beef

To be honest, I never expected such an incredible result!
Recently I got about 3 kg of beef cuts of different meat parts freezed. There were shoulder, loin and even leg pieces. First I thought about utilizing it for hamburgers but then a good idea came to my mind…

I cut meat in cubes about 3−4 cm, zipped it in a plastic bag with:
Salt — 2%
CUR#2 (nitrite salt)
Black pepper — 0,5%
Chili, Sichuan pepper — by a pinch each one (2 gr) to flavor
Teriyaki sauce — 15 gr sherry (brandy, whiskey, cognac — up to you to choose) — 30 gr

The meat with spices had been kept in a fridge for 5 days. Afterwards it was put tight in a press mold which is used for ham making and then placed in sous-vide for steaming. You can also use a conventional oven.
It’s important to maintain the same temperature during a certain period of time: +76 C. 22 hours.

During such a long time all the membranes and fibers get very soft and become quite eatable. And what is more, the collagen liberates and it works as a sticker to attach pieces and add a perfect flavor to the meal.
Immediately when the meat is ready, you need to cool it in a super cold water, during 30 minutes, without taking out of the press mold. And then refrigerate it for 3 hours minimum.
It is served cold perfectly with mustard, horseradish sauce and other pickled products.

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