Ground meat Jerky

Recently travelling around the South-West of USA (here is the photo album from this trip, have a look LINK) and eating mainly fast food bought at petrol stations, naturally I managed to taste various ground meat jerky.
At home I tried to recreate the recipe.
The main description of this product is mentioned in my previous recipe.
The main problem was how to form thin sausages or «strips» out of ground beef. In american Amazon there are plenty of special syringes with different nozzles for jerky, however, in Europe having made a search in the Internet shops of 27 countries I managed to find only one option — a chinese plastic kind of syringe which was extremely expensive, by the way. On top of this, I turned on my creativity based on inborn greed, and bought a plain syringe for dough and creams with a dozen of various stainless steel nozzles, for only 20 Euros by the way.

I had to «break» a little couple of nozzles with pliers but as a result I got quite a good working device.
Here comes a short video.

The recipe of ground meat jerky is a bit different from the recipe of jerky made of whole piece of meat. When dealing with ground meat it’s hard to use liquid ingredients, that’s why I came up to the following recipe:
Per 1 kg of ground meat chopped by fine grid:
Salt — 15 gr Red smoked pepper — 5 gr Black pepper +coriander — 5 gr Onion powder — 8 gr Granulated garlic — 8 gr Liquid smoke — 1 teaspoon
Teriyaki sauce — 1 teaspoon
Soy sauce — 1 teaspoon
The ground meat was well-kneaded and left for a night in a fridge. Afterwards, I squeezed sausages and strips on the grids of fruit dryer and left them to dry at 60C for about 8 hours.

The ground meat jerky did not remind a plain sausage at all. It turned to be more tender, easy-chewing and full of rich flavors and structure. All the tasters (not only my family, but four chefs of good restaurants) agree this is quite an unusual peculiar product which must be cooked every week and every tester should be provided with a kilo minimum for any money paid.

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