Coppa (Capocollo)

Normally I start with my challenging meat experiments around November, when it’s not so hot in Spain already and that means you can go deep into cold smoking and turn on your climate chamber which is in hot weather roars like a jet plane and consumes 5 times more electricity.
Almost all the cooking processes come to its final stage by May. So I can get the best «harvest» of various meat specialities and entertain myself at other hobbies, like fishing, photography and travelling.
The best time for posting recipes is spring.

And today I’m gonna introduce my next favorite product. Ladies and gentlemen, Coppa (capocollo)!

Yes, it’s just pork shoulder I always cook large quantities as if it’s a mini-factory.
The whole pork shoulder

Salt — 2,5%
Cur#2 — 0.25%
Sugar — 0,5%
Black pepper — 0,8%
Garlic — 1%
Salting 7−10 days


Peppers mix
Granulated garlic
Red smoked pepper
Sichuan pepper
Chili pepper

The meat is packed in a special meat netting and then it is hung in climate chamber until it gets dry by 38−45% at +13C and 75% of humidity.
And finally we get this beauty.


  1. Doug says

    Can you walk through the process. I’m guessing you used the cure salt etc to cure it? How long did it cure and at what temp and rh?

    After the cure did you sprinkle your other ingredients and hang in your chamber?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Mad says

    Вы просто в сетку капиколлу вешаете? Я впервые тоже попробовал приготовить, но перед сеткой еще в коллагеновую пленку обернул. Пока вялится. Очень медленно: за месяц всего минус 15% усушки.

    1. Stanislav says

      Только в сетку. И все равно — 5−6 месяцев)))

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