Chistorra — sausage from Navarra

Chistorra — sausage originally coming from Navarra and the Basque Country. There are plenty of options how to cook chistorra and we can spend days listing them.

Chistorra is a main ingredient in dozens of snacks (esp. tapas) and skewers. Also it can be served as a separate course.

This sausage can be roasted, fried, boiled and added to various soups and stews. It is widely used in sandwich and with fried eggs.
My favorite recipe is chistorra roasted in olive oil with honey. A perfect combination.

Chistorra is cooked like any semi-finished product, without any heat treatment.

The recipe is simple.
Pork — 50%
Fat (tasty) — 50%
CUR#1 — 0.25%
Granulated garlic — 1%
Sweet red pepper (smoked one is highly recommended) — 2%
Lamb tripe casings — 10−15mm

The cold meat and fat are minced in a mincing machine over a 10 mm disc. Then salt and other listed ingredients are added and the product need to be sent to fridge to have a rest for the next 24 hours.
The resulting mixture is stuffed in a thin lamb casing from 50 to 100 cm long and then we hang it in a cold not dry place (standard 12C and 75% humidity) for the next 4−5 days to get an authentic Spanish taste. If desired (I'd recommend) it can be cold smoked a bit.

The chistorra is ready!
The sausage is stored in freezer. Couple of minutes in microwave is enough to create a perfect Navarra sandwich with a crunchy bread sprinkled with olive oil and covered with some pieces of delicious chistorra.

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