Beef in tomato marinade

For many years I’ve been using tomatoes to marinate pork and lamb. Speaking about the degree of acidity they may compete only with cabbage (what a surprise!). Of course, pickling is used mainly to prepare a product for cooking with heating, like baking meat as a whole piece, barbecue or sous-vide…

But so far I’ve never used this kind of marinade when cooking beef. The search for any recipe in the internet in three languages failed, that is why we gonna play around with it ourselves.

I took a good piece of beef, sirloin, thickness 4−5 cm, weight 2.5 kg.

Salt 2%
Black pepper 15 gr.
Coriander 8 gr.
Paprika 5 gr.
Red smoked pepper 5 gr.
Hot chili pepper 3 gr.
Granulated garlic 10 gr.
Oregano gr.
Rosemary 5 gr.
Tomatoes 400 gr. Chopped in blender.
All the ingredients should be mixed in a bowl and then the beef is marinated and sealed in an airtight bag. The product is refrigerated for 4 days.

You should not forget to massage it and turn upside down all the time in the fridge.
I decided to cook in sous-vide. So I took the meat out of the airtight bag, washed it over with water and put in a new clean bag adding 3 tablespoon of clarified butter (of course, it should be frozen).
Sous-vide device was set at 58C for 3,5 hours. When the cooking process was over I cooled the meat straight away and placed it in fridge.
Before serving I took the meat out of the bag and placed it on the trolley to grill in the oven at maximum. The beef was grilled and a nice crust appeared, and the meat also warmed up.

Some comments:
Tomatoes rule! The meat was perfectly salted and gained a very interesting taste, saturated by spices. A balanced taste, juicy and nice.
I’m sure this recipe can be highly rated in my personal chart of favourite meals and it will be a nice dish to please my family and friends.
No doubt I’d recommend this meal as one of the best!

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