Климатическая камера. Как сделать самому

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  1. Kevin dice

    I’m with you. With advice like this and other pages, I am using an unused chest freezer as a drying chamber. The temp/humidity controller is the only specialized item I have. I am not committed enough to drill holes or mount fans yet (and on chest freezers I think the only safe place to make a hole is on the top). I did find the humidity runs high — especially as the meat first goes in. I currently have the lid cracked with a piece of wood and a fan inside running constantly, but with the ambient weather in NorCal this time of year the freezer rarely cycles. I did find that when the humidity was running high taking the non-cycling humidifier out did help some. Planning on using a ceramic heating element if it cools off more, but running the fan on low constant inside the cracked chamber seems a good fix for now. I have 2 temp/humidity sensors that are in different parts of the chamber and had a wide variance before using the fan, but now have good agreement (one sensor for the controller and 1 which communicates via bluetooth with my phone so I can monitor from afar). Thanks for giving me the confidence to jump right in and start curing. A lonzino and bresaola are in now and 2 coppas are going in next week (I think I will let them dry some at a cool temp outside the chamber for 36 hours or so before they go in). It won’t be long before I am grinding meat…

    1. Stanislav dice

      Thanks for your feedback.
      And as for pre-drying, I always after curing any product, before smoking (if there is one), I will prevent it in a dark room under a small fan for 2 days, the temperature there is 17−22C, that is, usual for drying and fermentation, this will greatly reduce time spent in the climate chamber.

  2. Алексей dice

    Вот это классно, я прям загорелся, спасибо. Холодильник есть завтра буду мудрить.

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