Wine for Papa

First time I came across the wine Heras Cordon was about 10 years ago. On the label of that first gift bottle there was a small but worldwide known Vatican seal and coat of arms with an inscription «Not for sale». As it turned out the winery farm had the right to deliver wine to Papa’s table and every year a special type of wine is produced and sent to Catholic hierarchs.

In those days I was not an expert in wines, however having tried this wine once I managed to figure out and appreciate an exquisite balance of taste and the wine became one of my favorites. Immediately I started searching for this wine in shops, naming Heras Cordon a «family festive wine».

Even now, after tasting hundreds of different varieties and visiting lots of professional wine-testing sessions in wine farms, Heras Cordon still occupies same honorable place among leaders.

And beyond all doubts, having received an invitation, I could not lose a happy chance to visit this wine farm. It finally happened.

The winery (Spanish «Bodega») Heras Cordon is located in the very heart of wine fields of La Rioja valley, near the town Fuenmayor.

Compared to famous manufacturers like «Torres» and «Marques de Caceres» Heras Cordon never buys but uses its own grapes producing wine. Nowadays 3 wine varieties are produced.

Vendimia Seleccionada

90% Tempranillo — from 37 years

5% Mazuelo — 24 years

5% Graciano — 24 years

Cask maturation (barrel aging) — 12 months

Bottle aging — 12 months


90% Tempranillo — from 55 years

5% Mazuelo — 18 years

5% Graciano — 18 years

Cask maturation (barrel aging) — 18 months

Bottle aging — 18 months

Reserva Excelente

90% Tempranillo — from 55 years

5% Mazuelo — 18 years

5% Graciano — 18 years

Cask maturation (barrel aging) — 18 months

Bottle aging — 18 months

All the wine mentioned is characterized by the balanced density, bright and rich flavor. These are complex wines able to please even most fastidious wine-lovers.


The family story of Heras Cordon goes back into the middle of 19th century, when they open its first small winery in the Valley of Ebro River and start making red wine.

When the Civil War is over, the volume of production is expanded. In 1970−90th the family expands its vineyards up to 50 hectares and launches building and production modernization.

At present the owners of the wine farm are three brothers.

An average productivity is approximately 1,5 million of bottles. The wine is exported almost all over the world.

The Heras Cordon production is fitted with advanced equipment and best technologies. The spacious halls with barrels and bottles, and tasting rooms as well are perfectly clean. There is also a so-called «wine club» in the winery with celebrities' and established companies' personal halls. A wine cellar is opened by a huge tasting hall full of signed photos of kings, sheiks, celebrities and football players, of course.

Meanwhile we were studying different halls the owners were dining with a minister of agriculture of a big European country, without any official dress-code, by the way. Really nice, cheerful people they are. After a 3-hour excursion by vineyards, production and tasting halls, they insisted on sharing dinner and we enjoyed it so much speaking about football, women, fishing and life, in general.

Later followed by longtime goodbyes, hugs and kisses (according to Spanish tradition) we left the wine farm Heras Cordon with a tiny hope to come back someday.

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