Sous-vide. Cooking in vacuum

For the third month I’m having fun with a new device based on sous-vide cooking technology. It is great and the technology turned to be really helpful.
It is perfectly up to cooking charcuterie, pasteurizing of any products and pre-cooking of a huge number of meals. I’m going to post different recipes based on sous-vide. I guess there’s no need to explain in details what the technology is like, in a few words: we seal a product in airtight plastic bag, remove air, put the bag in water, previously warmed up to necessary temperature and constantly kept at this temperature, and we’re done.
There are basic tables of appropriate time and temperature for different products. The main characteristic of this technology is that it’s impossible to over-dry the product or keep it too long. Also, you can try make-ahead meal and keep it refrigerated. Without unpacking the oxygen does not go inside and it allows keeping a ready-made steak or fish, for example, during 2−3 weeks. Before tasting it you will only need to warm it up. One could write a poem describing its tender and juicy flavors.


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