Turkey leg with honey


A very simple and bright dish for all the family. It’s a well-known fact that turkey meat does not possess any proper remarkable taste and is famous for the absence of fat, which is a great bonus for diet-lovers.

First of all we cook marinade sauce:
Soy sauce 150 ml Honey 100 gr Black ground pepper ½ teaspoon
Red pepper ½ teaspoon
Garlic 2−3 cloves
Bay leaf — 1 unit
We mix all the ingredients of the marinade sauce and stir them well until the honey is completely dissolved.
We put the leg in an airtight bag, pour the marinade over it, close the bag and put it away in a fridge for 10−15 hours, regularly turning it upside down.
After that, we take the leg out of the fridge and out of the bag to dry it with kitchen paper (not washing) and place it in a roasting bag with some lemon slices.
We need to bake it over 170 C until it’s ready and the bright golden crust appears.

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