Steak of «wrong» meat (video)

Many years ago when I came to Spain I had to buy a house and I was left completely without money. There was nothing in that house except for an old mattress. And also there was a gas stove. So, it was Saturday evening, the shops were closed till Monday, I was starving to death and wanted to have a dinner in my own house.

I managed to find a piece of raw beef, salt and pepper (there was a bottle of wine, of course). I also found an old frying pan and cooked a luxurious dinner in 15 minutes only.

This long lyric preface serves as a good beginning of the recipe which occupies one line, in fact:

We fry the beef 3−5 minutes each side (depends on the thickness) on a well-preheated frying pan. Ufff, it was way too hard to describe this extremely complicated recipe…

When we leave the steak «to rest» under the cover or foil; sprinkle salt and pepper and start enjoying its taste.

All these long descriptions were actually inserted to introduce the video of the whole process. Out of curiosity this time I took totally wrong cut of meat — round part. So I cut two «pills» and …

It turned out to be juicy, tasty and fast. HOWEVER, I’d never recommend to cook this piece up to «well-done» condition. It will be impossible to chew it. Maximum — medium.

And as for the nightmares of life in an empty house without money, this all ended well. The next week I bought furniture, car, yacht and married a young girl. So, there’s no need to worry about me.

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