Smoked duck

Duck meat itself is characterized by a bright rich taste, however, combined with a right mixture of spices and smoked by nice flavors of fruit sawdust it becomes truly divine. It can be served as a cold starter, main course or a salad ingredient.

A fresh nice duck is rubbed with salt and CUR 1, and then sent to fridge for 24 hours.

Marinade is cooked this way (per 1 L of water):

  • 100 gr of salt,
  • 30 gr of sugar,
  • black pepper balls,
  • 1 onion with skins,
  • a garlic bulb,
  • badian, anise, allspice, bayberry, parsley, bay leaf.

We need to bring it to boil and then cook for 10 minutes and cool down to room temperature.

We place the duck into marinade, press it down so that it does not float to the surface and send it to fridge for 2 days. Before smoking the duck should be necessarily dried.

It can be smoked with cherry sawdust. Hot smoking over temperature limits from 40C to 85C till the temperature inside the duck is 65−72C during 6 hours. Later the duck should be cooled down. Cold smoking 2−3 days.

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