Smoked cured sausage

Semi fat pork — 650 gr Beef — 650 gr Pork fat — 150 gr Salt 2%
CURE 2 — 0.25%
Black pepper — 3 gr Red smoked pepper — 2 gr Dried garlic — 3 gr Sugar — 3 gr I chopped meat in cubes, added salt and sugar and put the meat into the fridge for 2−3 days so that the meat could salt well. After that, the meat was passed through a mincing machine with 0.5 mm disks and later the paste was tamped down in collagen casing of 38 mm.

The product should be kept in the fridge for 2 days so that it could reduce its volume. Then, for 3 days it had been in the process of fermentation under the room temperature +15−17 C. Afterwards the meat had been smoked with cold apple fume for 3 days by 6 hours daily. Finally the smoked sausage had to spend in the camera 35 days.

The weight loss is 42−45%
As a result the product turned to be solid similar to saveloy, with a bright, strong smell and a rich flavor.

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