Pork ribs

One of my friends, a big fan of pork ribs, states that those he tastes in «fast food» bars with typical American sauce which is supposed to kill the natural meat flavor, those are best ones and he would give the world to eat them again and again. We had a long dispute and my argument was I would outperform that fast food «creativity» and without spending much effort and time.
Of course, first of all I had to find well-padded pork’s side (a slim side goes to «fast food bar»).
It’s obligatory to take off the film from the inside of the meat otherwise the meat is not marinated well.
I rubbed the meat with coarse salt and black pepper, and put it into the fridge to salt for 35 hours. When the salting process was over it was the time to prepare the marinade. The following ingredients were used:
Soy sauce
Smoked red pepper
Dry rosemary
I do not mention the quantity of the ingredients since it all depends on the utensils you use and on the volume of meat piece. It’s desirable that half of the meat piece is sunk in the marinade.
I would recommend mixing the ingredients in a separate plate and preheating them a little so that the honey could dissolve faster and the spices «open» its flavors. After that, when the meat is washed of the odd salt, we pour the marinade over it bathing it and massaging well. We should not also forget to turn it from one side to another during 24 hours.
Before you put the meat into the oven it should get warm up to the room temperature, as usual.
I added some vegetables and other products I could easily pick up in the fridge, like apple quince, various peppers. It is not obligatory but surely it gives a certain nice flavor but most of all it makes photos look better, which is also important for me.
The last stage is the easiest.
The oven is set at 170 C. Thermometer must show the appropriate meat temperature — 70 C. Then the meat needs to «relax» under the cover for 10 minutes.
My friend tried the ribs I had cooked and he was obviously shocked since half of the meat was eaten out already but without any sauce. Where’s the sauce? — He tried to ask. — Oh, to hell the sauce! So, you definitely have more ribs, aren’t you? Yeah, that moment I realized I won the argument.

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