Pork neck

When I was busy preparing meat for a massive process of air-curing and smoking, it turned out there was a piece — pork neck — originally planned to become a smoked coppa but since there was no place in smoker left it seemed to be useless aside.
It had been salted for 5 days with spices.
Meat 2780 — gr Salt — 56 gr CUR 1 — 7 gr Pepper (5 peppers) — 13 gr Granulated garlic — 10 gr Sugar — 23 gr When the salting process is over the meat should be washed off. So, it was high time to decide what to create with this piece.
I decided to coat the meat with a mixture of aromatic spices and seal it in airbag.
Coating mixture
Sichuan pepper (6−7 balls to grind in a mortar)
Red smoked pepper
Black pepper
Every ingredient was measured approximately by 1 teaspoon.
The meat should be dried thoroughly with a kitchen towel, rubbed with spices and right away sealed in airbag.
The cooking method chosen — sous-vide, pasteurization mode, according to scientific parameters, at 75C — 10 hours.
Then immediately the piece was cooled down in very cold water during 3 hours, taken out of the airbag and placed carefully (extremely tender) in fridge. By the night the pork neck dried out a bit and became dense.
It was served on table as an optional starter; however, its popularity surpassed all expectations.
An extremely tender structure and a perfect combination of spices with natural meat flavors.

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