Roast roll pork belly

Suddenly I wanted to taste a nice juicy pork dish though I’m not a fan of pork meat.
So, we take a pork belly «mat», cut it in a grid form, cutting through the fat, of course.
We add: salt, pepper, finely chopped fresh rosemary, thyme and squashed garlic.
The mixture of ingredients should be rubbed into the meat thoroughly. Then in the center we place fresh pork tenderloin and make a roll.
Then the roll should be put into the fridge for the whole night so that it could soak well.
I had to do it twice since local «mats» sold in market are huge in size.
The second roll was also sent to the fridge to soak till the next morning.
So, the first roll was roasted and reached the right inside meat temperature in 1 hour 40 minutes and straight away I started tasting it. In general it was nice; however, I would prefer the fat structure more tender. That is why the second roll was thrown to the oven to roast for three hours at 180C.
That was the meal I had been trying to cook since the very beginning! The bacon turned into nice, soft and not so fat. And the pork tenderloin being quite dry piece of meat by itself absorbed all necessary fat and flavors. And of course what a splendid crunchy roll crust we got!

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