Magre of Provence

Big and juicy french duck breasts (magre) are placed in a wide bowl in one raw. Then we cook marinade pouring:
Salt 2%
Black pepper 0,5%
Allspice pepper 3 units
Coriander 1 gr Rosemary, thyme — by a small pinch each one
Cloves 2 units
Bay leaf 1 unit
Garlic 2 cloves
Portuguese port wine (whiskey, cognac — at your taste but of the best quality) so that the duck breasts were half-covered by the liquid.
All the ingredients should be well-mixed and then we pour the mixture over the magre. The bowl is closed with a lid and put in a fridge for the next 24 hours. We turn the breasts upside down 4−6 times.
When the marinating process is finished the breasts are washed off the spices with water and then dried thoroughly. When the breasts are dry enough we rub them with red smoked pepper.
Then they are placed in climate camera for the next drying process. In fact, you are allowed to eat the magre in 5−7 days. However, the most flavored taste is obtained only when 20−30% of the product’s weight is lost. Afterwards, the breasts are sealed in air free bag to balance the final taste. It’s preferable to keep it for a week time, not less. In the fridge it can be kept for years. This exquisite specialty is meant to please even most choosy gourmands.

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