Jerky — cured beef

It costs a lot to realize what I am more crazy about, tasting the food I cook myself or playing with new high-tech kitchen devices? Judging by my actual weight and the absence of space in garage I love both. So, searching for low-fat recipes when new technologies are applied in cooking process, I decided to dry pieces of beef in fruit dryer.

This meal is well-known among aboriginal people for million years, so sometimes we can pick up useful cooking tricks to make our food taste better.
We take beef sirloin and tenderloin (only best meat). The meat should be cleared of film and fat. We cut it in slices of 3−5 mm across fibers.
There are lots of recipes how to cook marinade but the basic option is:
Soy sauce — 100 ml Worcestershire sauce — 100 ml Pepper (black, red, smoked or others) ½ tablespoon
Brown sugar — 2 tablespoons
Garlic — 2 cloves
As for me, I also add the following ingredients:
Honey (to reduce sugar) — 2 tablespoons
Dry onion — 1 tablespoon
Juniper — some grind berries
Cloves — couple of pistils
Bay leaf
It is also possible to use Ketchup.
I can repeat non-stop: all the products used must be exceptionally of high quality, the freshest and those being taken huge care of but not the ones kept in your cupboard for years with expired date and so absolutely useless. For example, by adding a tablespoon of spoiled soy sauce to the meal we cook, the whole dish will turn to just a piece of shit.
As for the marinade, it worth warming up a little so that the honey might dissolve and the spices open its flavors. But never over-heat the dish more than 40 C.
The meat should be marinated in the fridge during 24 hours. Sometimes we need to massage the meat and later get the liquid out of it. Finally, the meat goes to drying camera for 6−10 hours under 65 C. Whether the meat is ready or not we determine manually. Jerky should never turn to chips, remaining kind of elasticity. It can be safely kept in fridge. This food fits healthy diet and can serve a perfect snack.

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