Home-made ham


This meal is quite simple to cook but at the same time it is characterized by the bright and especial taste.
If we compare the cost of this homemade product with the similar products sold in supermarkets, obviously the first one is much lower. I calculated and got the following results: a kilo of homemade ham cost 3 Euros and the one in supermarket is valued from 9 to 18 Euros per kilo. Also, the quality is higher and I am absolutely sure what ingredients are used.
So I took:
Pork shoulder meat — 1 kg Black pepper — 0,2%
Nitrite salt — 2%
Sugar — 0,3%
Water (broth) — 8%
We chop the meat in cubes 1,5−2 cm. Salt and sugar should be dissolved in water and later the ready liquid should be well-mixed with meat till the liquid is completely absorbed by the meat. After that the paste is put into the cooking mould and refrigerated for 3 days.
It’s time to add the pepper (I would recommend to blend pepper balls right before the use) and to mix it up again till we get sticky paste. We fill in the ham maker with paste, cover it and leave it for 3−4 hours in room temperature so that it could warm up and tamp down.
Now the ham maker is put into the 80−85 C water for 2 hours. The water temperature should be kept all the time within the limits mentioned.
When the product is ready the ham maker is put into the cold water for a couple of hours to cool down and later it goes to fridge till next morning.

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