One-piece ham


For the one-piece ham I chose pork’s backside meat piece — ham. This piece is the cheapest and it contains different in structure and color muscles.
Pork — 2500 gr Salting 2% salt + Nitrite (CUR 1 — 0.25%)
Sugar — 0.8%
Black pepper — 0.5%
Grained garlic — 10 gr After that the meat is put in a vacuum bag.
The piece should be turned upside down and well-massaged — 4 days.
Then the piece is washed with water, dried and rubbed with aromatic mixture:
Black pepper — 10gr
Sichuan pepper — 3 gr Nutmeg — 3 gr Allspice pepper — 3 gr Thyme, rosemary — by 1 teaspoon
Smoked paprika — 1 tablespoon
Then straight away the meat is put is a cooking mold under pressure.
Before cooking I would recommend to warm the ham up to the room temperature during three hours.
The pressure in the cooking mold should be increased and the ham is cooked under water temperature 80−85C until the inside meat temperature touches upon 70C.
When the cooking process is finished we place the mold in very cold water for 2−3 hours, afterwards it goes to fridge for the next 12 hours, without decreasing the pressure.
As a result we have a tender, nice-looking ham with strong spicy flavors. However, the taste of ham is not hot spicy. It is perfectly combined with Dijon mustard and Ukrainian spicy horseradish sauce.

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