Cold smoking beef

Here we are and the cold smoking beef.

It was cooked according to the traditional classic recipe which comes from ancient times.

Salt 2%

Cur#1 (nitrit)

Black/red pepper

Salted and dried out.

After comes the experiment itself. Following the recipe you are strictly obliged to perform the heat treatment (cooking). I decided to find out when it’s better to cook meat, before or after the smoking procedure.

I put the first piece of meat into the smokebox and later cooked it in sous-vide, and the second piece was treated in a reverse way, sous-vide and later smoking.

Smoking by cold fume during 48 hours.

Cooking in sous-vide under 55 C during 5 hours.

After that both pieces of meat were dried out in chamber during 5 days and later they were sealed in airtight plastic bag.

When tasting the guinea pigs' opinions were divided equally. Some of them preferred the option smoking/cooking and others chose cooking/smoking.

As a result, the dish is marked as 8/10.

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