Cold smoked cured pork neck

Again pork neck! It’s never late to escape, shutting down the browser and unfriending me in facebook. I deserve it!

What the hell he’s thinking about?! We’ve been expecting him to post Micheline recipes and he oppositely keeps on cooking pork neck. What for we’ve paid him money?! Oh, wait, nobody has paid any money yet! Ok, you can still do it. You can support your favourite charcuterie man, by going down the page and clicking on the window «Donate».

And as for the pork neck, again, it is not only cured but smoked as well, during 4 days.

  • Salt — 2%
  • Cur #2 — 0,25%
  • Sugar — 0,8%
  • Black pepper — 0,8%
  • Garlic — 0,8%
  • Bay leaf — 1 leaf

It had been salted for 10 days. Aging in chamber — 1 month. Cold smoking with cherry. And final aging 2 months more. Loss of weight 45%. No mold at all. Seemingly it doesn’t like smoked products. And what a taste!

Incomparable as usual.

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