Classic Coppa

It’s an accomplished fact that pork neck is the best piece for creating various specialities. The pork neck is perfect in sous-vide, cold and hot smoked and of course as COPPA — the product all Italian Sausage masters are very proud of.

I often cook the pork neck and I do it in different ways. Today it will be coppa.

  • Salt — 2%
  • Cur #2 — 0,25%
  • Sugar — 0,5%
  • Black pepper — 0,8%
  • Garlic — 0,8%
  • Bay leaf — 1 leaf

It had been salted for 2 weeks. Later cured during 98 days (it was fatty neck). Loss of weight 43%. Equilibration.

The structure is perfect. The taste is classic. You may object to saying there’s no creativity and imaginative thinking in this recipe. I wouldn’t agree. Just imagine that you need to utilize 100 kilo of pork at once without any freezing.

And I’m really thankful to the Italian climate chamber «Klima» for a perfect automatic functioning which allows me not to stand in front of it all the time, opposite, it gives me freedom to go fishing in Norway or run from wild and unpredictable penguins in Antarctica.

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